Why Become A Seller?

A New Alternative to eBay

We are just starting out and marketing is limited during this phase, we don't anticipate any real search traffic for your items until we are ready to fully launch however, your items will appear if anyone visits this website and searches for your type of item and you could make a new customer. This new alternative was created by a pissed off eBay power seller sick and tired of eBay's oppressive fees, nonexistent seller protections, the new eBay managed payments scam, fake feedback, and forced refunds, to name a few. eBay forgot who their customer is, YOU the seller. Your customer is still protected with all the same rights they always had with the credit card company if you defraud them or don't deliver your item. We are not involved with your sale in any way as long as it is legal.

How it works:

When you sign up to become a seller, we will create a seller account for you and credit your account with one listing available. The listing term will be for one year (first year only).

From your seller portal you will be able to manage:

  1. Your seller account information
  2. Existing listings or publish new listings to your account
  3. Existing listing credits / purchase additional listing credits
  4. Add promotional content to your seller portal and listings

This alternative will allow you to deal directly with your customer and accept payments from any source you choose. You can list your own items or items listed on eBay here as well and try to market your past eBay buyers and new customers to your seller page here after the sale for future purchases outside of eBay FEE FREE. You can also promote your seller page on social media to avoid all the rules and fees. Its a simple alternative to your own company website, starting and even maintaining your item inventory for sale, especially if your an active seller, adding and removing items is a chore, with this platform it is as easy as listing an item on eBay. With one click you can suspend an item, relist it or change the item completely. The most important part is you can bring pay pal to your listings again, eBay forced payment systems is just another way to charge you and hold your money, they forgot who their customer is, YOU.